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A Comprehensive Guide to Buy Israeli New Shekel: Essential Tips and Insights

Are you looking to buy the Israeli New Shekel (ILS)? Whether you're planning a trip to Israel, engaging in an international business transaction, or exploring forex trading opportunities, it's essential to understand the intricacies of obtaining this dynamic Middle Eastern currency. This comprehensive guide is designed to give you the knowledge you need to buy Israeli New Shekel confidently.

Understanding the Israeli New Shekel

First, it's important to know what you're dealing with. The Israeli New Shekel, denoted as ILS, is the official currency of the State of Israel. Introduced in 1986, it replaced the old Shekel due to hyperinflation. The New Shekel is divided into 100 Agorot, and its denominations include coins of 10 and 50 Agorot, 1, 2, 5, and 10 Shekels, and banknotes of 20, 50, 100, and 200 Shekels.

Where to Buy Israeli New Shekel


Most banks around the world offer foreign currency exchange services, including Israeli New Shekel. The significant advantages of banks are reliability and security, but their exchange rates may not be the most competitive.

Online Forex Exchange Platforms

Numerous online forex exchange platforms allow you to buy ILS from the comfort of your home. These platforms typically offer competitive exchange rates and low fees. Some popular platforms include XE, OFX, and Revolut.

Currency Exchange Bureaus

Currency exchange bureaus are often found in major cities, airports, and popular tourist destinations. While convenient, they may charge higher fees and offer less favorable exchange rates.

ATM Withdrawals

Once in Israel, you can withdraw ILS directly from ATMs. It's a convenient option with generally fair exchange rates. However, beware of potential foreign transaction fees charged by your bank.

Things to Consider When Buying Israeli New Shekel

Check the Current Exchange Rate

Before buying ILS, always check the latest exchange rate. Rates can fluctuate due to various factors, such as inflation, political stability, and economic performance. Several reliable online sources provide real-time exchange rates, including Google, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg.

Understand the Fees

Ensure you know all fees associated with your currency exchange transaction. These may include service fees, transaction fees, or commission charges. Comparing different service providers can help you find the best deal.

Avoid Last-Minute Airport Exchanges

While airport currency exchange kiosks are convenient, they often offer less favorable rates and higher fees. Whenever possible, arrange for your currency exchange before your trip.

Consider Your Payment Method

Different payment methods might attract different fees. Credit card payments often incur a cash advance fee, while bank transfers and debit card payments typically come with lower fees.

Trends and Predictability of Israeli New Shekel

The Israeli economy is known for its stability and resilience, even amidst geopolitical tensions. However, the ILS still faces fluctuations influenced by global economic trends, regional political instability, and domestic economic policies. Keeping an eye on these factors can help when deciding the best time to buy ILS.


Buying the Israeli New Shekel need not be a daunting process. By understanding the options available, keeping an eye on current exchange rates, considering fees, and being aware of economic trends, you can make informed decisions and optimize your currency exchange experience.

Whether you're traveling to the vibrant cities of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, doing business in the dynamic Israeli market, or exploring trading opportunities in the foreign exchange market, this guide equips you with the knowledge to buy Israeli New Shekel with confidence. Happy trading!

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